Tuesday, 31 May 2011

ABIDE WITH ME - Latest Update.

Things with the pre-publication promotion of ABIDE WITH ME are cracking on apace.

It's a whole new world to me, this talking meself up and putting me name out there, but I'm getting the hang of it.  I'm even beginning to enjoy it.

Have now got five confirmed interviews set up - two of which I've just completed.  My interview with the crime writer, Ben Sobieck, should be up online sometime this week, and the interview I had with the brilliant Richard Godwin over at The Slaughterhouse will appear nearer to publication.

The lovely Patti Abbott has invited me - well I invited myself, if I'm honest - to write a 'How I came to write this book' feature for her fabulous website.

Byker Books of Radgepacket fame will, alongside an interview with me, be offering a copy of ABIDE WITH ME as a competition prize before the offical launch.

Added to that half a dozen reviewers wanting to review the book prior to publication, plus a couple more guest blogs, and you'll all be as exhausted as I am by the time the book comes out.

The cupboards are looking empty and I've not tidied the house up in days.

Still.  Can't be helped :) 

I'll keep you all posted . . .

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