Friday, 1 April 2011

A Daughter's Poem.

A couple of days ago, the class my twelve year old daughter is in at school were set an assignment to write a poem about their dads.  She came up with the following.  Sarcasm at such an early age.  Bless.

'All These Things Make Me Think of You' by Mollie Ayris

Your so called 'library', full of old books.
Your tatty boots in which you walked round Europe.

Underground trains, in which you love to read.
Your precious Dagenham programmes kept in the shed.

Your used-up notebooks, used for writing stories.
Your daily dose of coffee which keeps you awake at night.

Your favourite cheese and basil sandwiches.
Your bad taste in music, Bob Dylan, to name one.

Your tatty old jeans with the great big holes.
Your vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese.

Your orange bus pass which you always lose.
Your brown, square-shaped glasses which you never take off.

Your house keys which you've lost countless of times.
Your addiction to Charlie's Fifa Eleven.

Your Dagenham shirt held close to your heart.
And this cluttered three bedroomed house you call home.


  1. Mate, that's not sarcasm, she's got you to a tee !
    Son wont show us what he said about my hubby lol
    PS at least put some tomato in with the cheese & basil next time ;-) x

  2. Funny thing is, Sue. Mollie doesn't realise how affectionate her poem really is. So full of sarcasm and wit, yet so full of love. And tomato? I normally blob it with Salad Cream. God's own condiment :)

  3. Archaeologists build long ago lost cities and the patterns of life from potshards, trinkets, the dissonance of their castoffs revealing their lives and hearts amid the mysteries of their bones. So, my friend, do you with these words. Very cool.

  4. oops, I meant your daughter does with these words. takes after the old bloke eh?

  5. That's one hell of a poem - tell Mollie she did an ace job. Mind you, I wonder if she realises just how damn cool she made you sound? (Apart from the football, obviously. You have a thing for men in shorts? Even I don't go there!) ;p