Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Wednesday Poem

And here I turn my pen to poetry . . .

Charlie Chaplin, You Bastard
Charlie Chaplin, he stole my act,
The thieving little shit.
He saw my show on Blackpool Pier,
And took most all of it.

The hat, the tash, the twirling cane,
All of them were mine.
The baggy kegs, the silly walk,
That thieving bloody swine.


  1. Fantastic! I was always more of a Laurel and Hardy man, meself.

  2. I think the most part of genius is how well the guy can steal. File the numbers off, give her a coat of fresh paint and hope nobody notices.
    (and that line, the one I just wrote, is a direct, though disguised,theft from Robert Anson Heinlein.)And so it goes (all right, two direct steals for one. Thanks Billy Joel. Thanks Mr. Vonnegut)I laughed quite loud while reading this gem. Thanks, mate. It's a keeper.