Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Wednesday Poem

Continuing the increasingly short-lived series of my poetry back catalogue, I now present, for your delectation and enjoyment, a poem based upon some papers found in an attic in Milton Keynes in 1997.  The papers detailed the story of Dennis O'Smelley, a man made almost entirely out of cheese, and his adventures during the Napoleonic Wars.

I give you . . .


I was the man that carried the can,
For the Battle of Waterloo.
I forgot to tell Napoleon,
The Prussians were coming too.

I thought that I'd be shot at dawn,
By the great Imperial Guard.
But fortunately, there were none left,
Seems they'd been hit pretty hard.

 So I slipped away from the battlefield,
A man of disappearing means.
Changed my name to Dennis O'Smelley,
And moved to Milton Keynes. 


  1. glad the poetry is to be a regular slot. keep them coming.

  2. Cool, mate. Sure the last line shouldn't be John Maynard Keynes?