Sunday, 20 March 2011

STORY NEWS - Radgepacket:, vol. 5

The latest Radgepacket collection from those top blokes over at Byker Books - 'Radgepacket: Tales from the Inner Cities, vol. 5' is now available.  If you like you fancy trying a bit of crime/noir with a twist of Brit Grit and a slice of good old English eccentricity, the Radgepacket series will be right up your street.  With Danny Hill and Paul Brazill headlining, plus a story from me and loads of others great authors, it's surely worth a pop, eh.

Here's the full line up:

Paul D. Brazill
Maureen Wilkinson
Craig Douglas
Patrick Belshaw
Linda Lewis
Darren Sant
Alan Griffiths
Charlie Britten
Pete Sortwell
Colin Graham
Sharon Bidwell
Martyn Taylor
Lee Kelly
Ian Ayris
Keith Gingell
Sharon Birch
Blaine Ward
Ragna Brent
Carol Fenlon
Danny Hill

To get hold of a copy, just clickety click here from the UK or here if you're from across the Pond.  


  1. hats off to you all - i didn't make it, but i'll sure as hell be reading. it's like a world cup team.