Tuesday, 15 February 2011

STORY NEWS: Yellow Mama

Managed to get a story of mine - 'Chained' - in the Valentine's Day issue of Yellow Mama.

Click here for a gander.

Also check out all the other brilliant stuff in that issue, including tales from Cindy Rosmus, Richard Godwin, and Jim Wilskey, plus a corker of a poem from my oh so versatile mate, AJ Hayes


  1. Great story! I love the name Ethel Smidgen. :)

    Cool illustration too. YM rocks.

  2. All of 'em are the good stuff. My pal Cindy does great work, no?
    Oh yeah, thanks for the mention, mate.

  3. Great balance of the two stories. I found it particularly well thought of that Gibson's one encounter "on the floor" should so profoundly spin his life toward its ending. Very affecting stuff, and well written.

  4. Hi Ian. I've just read your review over at Col Bury's blog. Aj's story is a cracker. You've got a new follower, although I could have swore I started following you ages ago when Paul D Brazill did. ???

    Anyhow, you've got a link on my blog!

    Off to Yellow Mama to catch up on stories. If you fancy sending something over to The Flash Fiction Offensive, I'd be interested. Cheers!!