Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Firstly, hope the New Years sees everyone happy and well.  Thanks for all the kind words on this blog over the past week or so, and thank you to everyone that has popped in since the blog began last August.  I appreciated it very much.

And a blinder of a start to 2011.  Heard this morning a pleasant little piece of mine, called 'The First Cut is the Sweetest' has been accepted for the May edition of the fantastically jolly ezine 'Death Head Grin', 

Proper chuffed when I heard.  Proper chuffed indeed :)


  1. Very cool news, Ian. It's great to have you start the new year chuffed. Can't wait to see what's under the Death Head Grin.

  2. Indeed you should be, mate. Though I think you're going to have to have a freat computer to keep track of your well deserved success. I heard that that new IBM 360 with the 650 kilobyte memory disk is a marvel. That's one cool logo on the front of the 'zine.