Saturday, 22 January 2011

Story News

Just heard my story 'Secrets' will be in the next issue of the fantabulous Pulp Metal Magazine.  Only wrote it sixteen and a half hours ago.  Got to love a quick turnaround . . . :)


  1. Arrr! Great news. I think you will always have a secret spot in the fondness of PMM. Atleast for me you will, the argument bunny was phenomenal. Blew me away. I'm looking forward to this.

  2. Cheers, Keith, and thank you Eva. Makes thirty one short stories. Would be great to top the fifty this year. Don't know what my mental state might be by that point, though. What characters and tales are lurking yet in those dark corners. Still, it's always interesting to open the door every once in a while.

    Jodi - Argument Bunny was really the one that set me off last year. Was thrilled at the reaction, and stunned. The fact it's stuck with you means loads. Funny seeing the progression from Argument Bunny to Secrets - the unravelling that's occurred. Secrets is probably the most chilling thing I've written. Wrote it just gone midnight on Friday and couldn't sleep at all that night . . . Blimey :0