Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Writer's Showcase - NIGEL BIRD

I just want to introduce Nigel's piece by saying he is one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in the virtual realm.  His encouragement and generosity constantly amaze me.  One of the good guys.

And when you read his short stories, it won't take long to  realise he is also one of the best writers out there on the noir scene there is.

Here is Nigel's showcase, in his own words.
Cheers, mate.

Just over a year ago now, Nigel Bird wrote a story that had been bobbling around inside his head for a good while.  He sent it to Crimespree and it was accepted overnight by the wonderful Jen Jordan and soon got the nod from her brother Jon. In the issue in which the story appeared there was one Scott Wolven; needless to say he was very excited.

Acting upon advice from Allan Guthrie, he decided to give up trying to be Britain’s answer to Paul Auster and turned his hand to crime writing to see how it went. Thankfully it went rather well.

In that time, stories have appeared at a number of fine sites and in publications and he has had work alongside some of the best. ‘Beat On The Brat’ was the winner of the ‘Watery Grave Invitational’ this year (following on from Hilary Davidson, no less). Needle, A Twist Of Noir, Untreed Reeds, MiCrow, Dark Valentine, Dark Static, Crime Factory, Beat To A Pulp, Crime Factory and Pulp Metal have kindly offered him a platform and he’s also to appear in the Best Of British Crime Stories anthology in the Spring of next year.

He’s the man behind the series ‘Dancing With Myself’ over at his blog Sea Minor.

Nigel's style has been described as ‘Soft Noir’.

He is still working on that first novel and thinks it’s first draft is near completion; whether it ever surfaces to be read remains to be seen.

Nigel's  blog can be found at http://nigelbird.blogspot.com

On Twitter he is @amouseandaman

 At home he’s Dad or Sweetheart.

Below is a selection of Nigel's work, plus a couple of interviews.  I would

Short Stories:
Drinking Wine - published at A Twist of Noir - CLICK HERE

Beat on the Brat - published at The Drowning Machine - CLICK HERE

Taking a Line for a Walk - published at Beat to a Pulp - CLICK HERE

La Ronde - published on Nigel's Blog - CLICK HERE

Sisterhood - published at A Twist of Noir - CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas (I don't want to fight tonight) - published on Nigel's Blog - CLICK HERE

Suture - published at Pulp Metal Magazine - CLICK HERE

Silver Street - published at Dark Valentine Magazine - CLICK HERE



  1. "Taking a Line for a Walk" was a huge hit for BEAT to a PULP. I can't thank Nigel enough and agree with Ian that he is one of the good guys.

  2. Yep, a top writer and a top bloke.

  3. Nigel Bird is taking over the world! As well he should be--he writes top shelf stuff and runs one of the best blogs around. Plus he's helped me out immensely and so many occasions.

  4. Don't need that list, already read 'em. Bird, Nigel Bird. Remember that name.

  5. Oh all right! Someone's got to do it:
    Olive Optional . . .
    That's, Bird. Nigel Bird.
    His tales leave you both
    shaken AND stirred.

  6. Ian, I've only just found this. I'm so glad that I did - it really got the eyes welling up after reading those comments. So very grateful - praise is like a life raft; one minute you can be drowning in it all and then you get to grab onto that raft and howl with pleasure.
    'Shaken And Stirred' - I'm going to use that one day.

  7. Nigel truly is one of the good guys. Talented, too. Come to think of it, Ian, you're no slouch in the writing department yourself.