Friday, 31 December 2010

Paul Brazill

I'm never one to miss a Paul Brazill story, and the one up now at Dark Valentine is exactly why.  Tis brilliant, brilliant stuff. 

Click here for a gander.

Paul has been a massive support to me this year, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him heartily for everything. 

A great writer and a great mate.

Cheers, Paul.  You're a diamond.


  1. Quite right too. I havent known Paul long but what i do know is that he is indeed a good bloke. you, ian, and paul, and jason at Pulp Metal between you have restored a little faith in myself.
    Cheers and happy 2011 x

  2. Hear hear! He's something special, that PDB. And yup, that's one hell of a tale, as we've come to expect, and he never disappoints! :)

  3. Ta much, Ian. From the writer that bridges Carver and Chandler that's a compliment. Happy new year to you, Sue and that Sandancer Joolz!