Friday, 31 December 2010

Nick Quantrill

Earlier this year, Nick Quantrill's debut novel, 'Broken Dreams', hit the shelves.  'Broken Dreams' was the book that rekindled my love for detective stories.  As a kid, I loved the Sherlock Holmes stories of Conan-Doyle. 

I'd look at the world through the observing eyes of Holmes, keep my own counsel, and then unveil the killer.  All inside my own head, mind.  I was an odd kid, that way.  I loved Sherlock Holmes' mental acuity, but more than that, I loved his willingness to get dirty - to jump into the line of fire.  His courage.

Then for years, the middle-class Marples and Poirots had gradually eroded my enjoyment of detective stories.  Magnum, P.I. turned my enjoyment to ridicule.

'Broken Dreams' changed all that.

Joe Geraghty is a P.I. from the North-East town of Hull.  A place described once as the worst place to live in Britain, and other such charming epithets.  Joe is a normal bloke fallen on hard times.  As is the town of Hull.  Part of the brilliance of 'Broken Dreams' is how Nick uses the town of his birth as not just a foil for Geraghty, but as a paralell.

'Broken Dreams' has had a great reception this side of the Pond, and I've been absolutely deligthted to see it get some recognition in some of the recent plethora of 'End of Year' lists abroad, most notably here at Sons of Spade, and here from Jason Duke at Crime Factory.

An interview with Nick with J. Sydney Jones, talking about his use of the city as a character is now online, and can be found here

'Broken Dreams' is available at Amazon here and here, and direct from Caffeine Nights here

Lastly, I'd like to thank Nick for all his support for my own writing this year.  You've been a rock, mate.


  1. Broken Dreams really is a great read, and it helps that Nick is a realy nice guy too.


  2. Smashing book. Well deserved success for a top bloke.

  3. Great post Ian from this side of the pond. :-)
    Ahh, I think maybe Magnum was made for women. He was soooo nice on the eyes!!!!