Friday, 5 November 2010

The Novella Wotsit

Following on from yesterday's confession that I've no idea how to plan a book, I've come up with something.  Thanks so much for all your suggestions, they've really helped me sort myself out with this one.  In the end, it was B.R.'s comment on FB that swung me back to just rolling with it.  The more I thought about planning, the more I veered towards writing in the third person.   Writing in first person seemed to me, with this one, a little too much - the book, I still think, needing some background re: the crime, the suspects, the tying of the threads, etc.

So what I've decided to do is a bit of both.

I'm going to build the world - character lists, back stories, motives, etc.  And then put it all to one side. Then I'm going to write the thing in first person, dropping my slightly unhinged private detective in the middle of it all and see how he gets on. 

Will he solve the crime?  I've got no idea. 

That's what makes it so exciting.


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  1. B.R's right. Do all the prep then (as we used to say in racing)holler Shit and slap it sideways. I think there's a reason P.I. fiction is usually written in first person and thriller is always in third. In PI the detective should be one or two steps behind the bad guy to keep the story crisp and in a thriller the reader needs to be one or two steps ahead throughout to keep the bomb under the table ticking away.