Monday, 8 November 2010

My Second Published Story . . .

On a mad run, the first four stories I ever wrote all got published.  I posted the first last week.  Here is the second.  This story originally appeared in 'Radgepacket: Tales from the Inner Cities, Volume Two' in 2008.

And here it is.  Hope you enjoy it.  Obviously, with a lot of my stuff 'enjoy' is probably not the right word . . .

She promised.  Trish fuckin promised.  Two single tickets to Aberdeen, she said.  She reckoned we'd be in Jockland in three hours.  No-one would find us there, she said.
Bloody trains.  Fuck.  Should've been here ten minutes ago.  King's Cross.  What a fuckin shit-hole/  All these faces.  Blank.  Lookin up at this bloody board, waitin to be taken to somewhere.  Anywhere.  Nowhere.

Me and Trish was teenage sweethearts.  Years ago, now.  Just kids, really, seventeen, eighteen.  Never worked out.  Never does at that age.  Too young, see.  But when things got bad with Laura, I'd remember how Trish used to hold me, tell me she loved me, you know.  She was the first one to ever say that to me, Trish. Other than Mum, course.  

When me and Trish broke up, I met Laura and, well, that was that, really.

I bumbped into Trish in the market a year or so ago.  Her marriage was goin nowhere, like mine.  Had a bloke what knocked her about, you know.  She said he weren't bad, just lost it every now and then.  But in my book, any geezer what hits a bird deserves a fuckin good hidin.  Trish, she begged me not to do anything, but I wanted to.  Still had feelings, you know.  I'd have torn his fuckin heart out, if she asked me.

Things with Laura was really shit at the time, and I needed a friend.  So did Trish.  We sort of started seein each other again, on the sly, like.  It was just mates.  At first.  Someone to talk to, catch up on old times.  A shoulder to cry on.  Cheered us both up, to be honest.  But one thing led to another, as it does, and soon it was like the old days again.  She made me feel so young.  She made me feel like a man again.

I reckon Laura suspected something all along.  She always did.  She weren't stupid.  But the worse things got with us, the more she kept on accusin me, the more time I spent with Trish.  Her bloke was pissed all the time anyway, so she never got not grief from him.  He couldn't even be bothered to give her a clump anymore.

But in the end, Trish'd had enough.  And so had I.

Tellin Laura weren't easy.  She knew it was comin.  She knew it for a long time.  She weren't a bad old girl, really, Laura.  Nagged a bit, and that, but what woman don't?  

Ripped me to bits, tellin the kids, though.  Lisa's little face, lookin at me, smilin like she don't understand but wants to for all the world.  Like she's sees past the shit dad I am, and knows I love her whatever.  Cos I fuckin do.  I know she's only two, but I wanted to tell her anyway.  It's the right thing to do, you know.  Sean, he was different.  Nearly seven.  Cried his bloody eyes out.  Kept hittin me.  Little kid slaps, like. they do when they ain't got no words to tell you how much they're fuckin hurtin.  I put me arms round him and squeezed him tight, hugged him like I'd never see him again.  And I didn't want to let him go.  Not ever.

Trish said it weren't worth tellin her bloke.  Said she'd just pack a few things and meet me at the station.  She even bought the ticket.  She told me she kept hers in a secret pocket in her purse, along with a photo of me.  Then I gets this text from her this mornin.  Says she can't do it.  She can't leave him.

I'm leavin my fuckin kids for her and she can't leave some pissed up fucker that beats the shit out of her.  Fuckin bitch.  I gave up everything for her.  Fuckin everything.

Trains still not here.

Shit.  Crowds movin, something's kickin off.  Coppers.  Bollocks.  Loads of em.  Probably went through her purse, found the ticket and the photo.  Should've took me time, been more careful.  Didn't think they'd get here this quick, though.

Body must've still been warm when they found her.


  1. Good stuff. Unbelievable that this is the second thing you wrote!

  2. I remember this one from reading it in Radge 2 - and it's a while since I read Radge 2! Sign of a cracking story, mate - one that sticks with you. Very powerful stuff. Delivers a nice chill at the end, too.

  3. Cheers, Paul. Seem a long time ago now, these early Radgepacket ones. Got a sort of soft spot for them:)