Thursday, 4 November 2010

It's Sixty-Word Thursday - Hurrah!

This one is the original sixty-worder that eventually evolved into the short story 'Late' - published here in The Waterhouse Review last month.

Hope you enjoy it.

 George Archiblad Knox
George Archibald Knox could have been forgiven for wanting to throw himself in front of the next available train. He'd spent the morning waiting on Platform Two, cursing British Rail, the government, his ex-wife. Life.

The cancer was back.

Still no train.

So he jumped anyway. Laid on the tracks. Five hours. Nothing. Bloody engineering works at Maida Vale.



  1. Ha ha - I love this! Reminds me of a tale a mate of mine told me years ago, after she went to work for the British Transport Police (who see a lot of suicides).

    Bloke wants to end it all and decides that the best way to do it is to put his neck on a railway line. Off he goes and lies down, waiting for the train to come along and do the deed. Sadly for him, when the train comes, it is on a parallel track to the one his neck is on - and cuts his legs off.


  2. Glad you all enjoyed this one, and thanks the lot of you for reading.

    And Jools, blimey, your story's funnier than mine. Wish I'd have thought of that. Parallel tracks, cut off both his legs. Brilliant :)

  3. Obviosuly not 'brilliant', I mean, it was probably a bit of a shock to the chap, but for comedy purposes, it's up there with the best :)