Thursday, 4 November 2010

Chris F. Holm

Over at Chris' blog, the winners of his fantastic Six Word Story Contest have been announced.

Pop on over to have a look.

And I make no excuse for feeling the world is spinning beneath my feet.

Click here for the lowdown.


  1. Hey, mate. An issue of BTAP is cool, but I got a PDF with eight stories in an anthology by Chris. So there, neener, neener, neener. (Man, it's impossible to type neener,neener,neener, without an attack of the giggles.)

  2. Cheers, Chris. Lucky old me, eh :)

  3. And AJ. I'd say we was even then, mate. Just finished the latest Crime Factory. Blimey, there's some great stuff out there. Too much to read in too little time. Simply can't afford the amount of coffee it would take to keep me awake the nineteen hours a day it would take me to read it all.

    So many talented people.