Monday, 11 October 2010

Writer's Showcase - Julie Lewthwaite

Julie Lewthwaite
Julie Lewthwaite lives by the seaside in the north east of England. She is a business writer who has much more fun writing stories about bad people doing bad things. She has been lucky enough to have had some of them published at places including Bullet, A Twist of Noir, Out of the Gutter, Darkest Before the Dawn, Powder Burn Flash and Thrillers, Killers and Chillers. Owing to the fact that she has no idea who the hell she is, you might find her stuff credited to either Julie Wright or Julie Morgan.

Stories online:

God's Chorister - Powder Burn Flash

Sweet Charity - Darkest Before Dawn

The Loan Arranger - A Twist of Noir
Just the Two of Us - Zygote in My Coffee

Chocolate Button Eyes - Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers

You can find more of Julie's stories and snippets of her novel at her blog : Gone Bad

And Mr Paul D. Brazill interviews Julie here as part of his 'Hit the North' series.

Thank you, Julie :)


  1. And a splendid writer she is, too!

  2. Thanks, Ian - much appreciated. You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar, sir!

    And Mr B - takes one to know one! :)

    And now - I need a blummin day off so I can catch up on all the good things there are to read on this here Interwebs. (And write some stories, too!)

  3. Pleasure, Julie. And Paul, bang on, mate. Bang on.