Sunday, 31 October 2010

What are you up to?

Here's a simple one.  What are you working on at the moment?  What is it that's keeping those creative juices flowing?


i) Half-way through a short story about a nineteen-seventies tribute act fallen on hard times.

ii) Just begun writing my first detective story - novel, novella, short story?  Who knows?

What about you?


  1. I'm plugging through a short story set at Holy Land USA, an abandoned theme park, and I'm rewriting a bunch of stuff in a really haphazard fashion. Wish I could stick to one project and finish it!

  2. Intermittently working on a rewrite of a four year old novel, planning to start NaNoWriMo tomorrow, and, having done lots of preparatory work, waiting with crossed fingers and bated breath to see what the publisher's offer will be for our prospective big non-fiction project...

    Chris - I hear you!

    Ian - I have an idea based on an old short story for a novella. Looking forward to hearing how you get on! Good luck!

  3. Just in the middle of printing out the second draft of my novel amidst claims and frowns from the wife that the printer is too loud! Ah how we writers are persecuted!! ; )

  4. Turning Guns Of Brixton into a novella. It's moving along very well so far. Hope to finish it by crimbo.

    Just sent a story to Dark Valentine. See how that goes. Doing another for DV and a secret 'pulp' story.

    Just finished a flash story for Steve Weddle's Hilary Davidson Fiction Challenge called :The Man Who Would Be Sting. It'll go on my blog on Wednesday.

  5. Chris - If I learned anything from Scooby Doo it's that there's nothing more spooky than an abandoned theme park. Sounds like a cracker, mate. And I am so with you on the haphazard train. The more I try to get organised the more of a mess I get in.

    Jools - The dreaded NaNoWriMo. I've often thought of giving it a go, but I just lack the discipline. All of it. Novella time, eh? Perhaps we'll keep each other posted, give us both a dig when we need it. And good luck with the book. What I've read so far, as you know, I absolutely loved. Loads of potential with that one, Jools. Loads :)

    Hi Stu - Good to see you over here. Second draft? Excellent. How much work do you reckon is needed? Is it really different from the original stuff I read on FS, or have you kept it pretty much the same? And the bane of the put-upon writer, eh - the claims and the frowns of a loved one. All just material for a future scene in a story, Stu. Grist to the mill and all that malarky.

    Paul - You know how much I'm looking forward to the fruition of The Guns of Brixton project. That Reverand, one of the best characters I have ever read online. Fantastic. And the rest, mate. I don't know how you fit it all in. Must have an army of lackies, mate, working overtime . . . Look forward to reading the short on Wednesday, and I'll, of course, post a link on the blog.

    Cheers, chaps and chapess. Great to know you're all tinkering away.

  6. Well, thanks for asking.

    Writing: a weird short story about binary numbers.

    Submitting: another weird story inspired by Kafka's Hunger Artist that will no doubt be a lot less original than I think it is.

    Reading: The Shotgun Rule by Charlie Huston. If you haven't read it, Ian, I imagine it would be right up yer proverbial.

    Also Reading: Submissions for the second issue of Waterhouse Review. Rejecting a lot but couple of gems came thru today. I try to give feedback to every story and got my first asshat, outraged response which makes me wonder why I bother and don't just stick to standard wording.

    Redrafting: The Novel. Final pass, picking up typos that have somehow survived the previous three edits. Moving commas around. Putting back in things I took out on the first pass.

    Delaying: The Synopsis to The Novel. To be fair, I'm three quarters done and so far, it's looking decent. I'm constantly reminding myself to leave detail out and stick to the facts.

    Other than that, same old same old.

  7. Rewriting an anthology story, my OOTG piece, and another for PWG. And like Julie, I'm actually going to participate in this years NaNoWriMo and finish off a project I've been screwing around with for too long. Plus work on the new CFblog and some reviews and interviews

  8. ok. first off it was halloween. we made salt dough things, dooked for apples, hung doughnuts from the washing line and covered them in syrup, made blood soup and finger rolls, trick or treating and spooky games.
    i'm trying to think about racing to the end of my novel and then knowing the edit is a bigger job than I'd like. I'm waiting for my turn in Patti Abbot's excellent La Ronde series and have just had something up at ATON (story 618).
    I've put up interviews at Dancing With Myself this weekend that I'm really pleased to have (Tim Hallinan, Matthew McBride) then have tomorrow's ready to go (Maxim Jakubowski). I've read the other stories at ATON that were posted today and a couple of really high quality interviews with Frank Bill and AJ Hayes (I'm hoping I learned something from them, that it drifts to me through the ether). Also watched a very short piece by Jen Forbus at her Bookthoughts about defining the Thriller. I'm reading Dave Zeltzerman's Small Crimes and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm tired. I'm wondering why I can't write like Donald Ray Pollock or Don Winslow and I'm dreaming of the day when someone takes up my novel and puts it out there. Oh, and there was a rather nice short over at Paul Brazill's site for Donna Moore's Ramones challenge. I put one up for Donna a few weeks ago and really enjoyed that.
    I'm about to google NaNoWriMo and have a bath and go to bed. I might read some of Small Crimes whilst trying not to get the pages wet.
    oh, and left a comment at MR Bill's interview mentioning Mr Ayris and Mr Brazill (in nice ways) and I'm looking at Day Labor's logo and thinking how darned good it is.
    c'est tout

  9. Hm. Yaw'lls busy! I'm recovering from the Slaughterhouse interview. Richard is GOOD! And relentless and, did I say, GOOD?
    My story Shared Pain is coming up at #645 in the ATON Race to 700 challenge.
    Poem's coming out in Yellow Mama in December.
    Got a Bobby and Jimmy story churning around in my head. Jimmy's my autistic 12 year old with . . . special . . . talents.

  10. Getting yourself about, AJ? Fantastic. And Richard, blimey. That is one talented bloke. Great interview, by the way :)

    And can't wait for the next Bobby and Jimmy story. You've stumbled upon a stroke of genius with those two, my friend.

  11. Nigel - Sounded like a fantastic Halloween. Top stuff, mate. Will look out for your turn at Patti's place. What a great idea that is. Got the other links posted around here somewhere, and will follow it all the way.

    Great interviews over the weekend, Nigel. And the Maxim Jakubowski one is another cracker. Top names, mate.

    And, blimey, thanks for the name-check. That Frank Bill interview is incredible.

    Read 'Small Crimes' a couple of months back. Would be interested on what you think, mate.

  12. Keith. Really looking forward to reading more of your stuff. And Crime Factory 5, blimey, it's fantastic. Going through it at a leisurely pace, savouring every page. Loved the Gary Disher interview, and that piece on the old time filthy British gangster mags. Brilliant. And the janitor stories are fantastic. Up to about page sixty. Don't want to read the whole thing at once cos I've got another few months to wait for the next one. You're doing a fantastic job, mate. All power to you :)

  13. Gav - Great to see you over here, mate. Charlie Huston's on my ever growing TBR pile. Think I've got him in my little library section on the blog, if I'm not mistaken. Chuffed you're reading him. Brilliant.

    And the novel? Typos mate. Blimey. How are you finding them. I remember trying to look for them in AWM, and it was a nightmare. And from what I've read of yours, Gav, writing in the vernacular makes looking for typos a task for the devil. Good luck with that, mate.

    And you were always going to get some nutters with setting up Waterhouse. Par for the course, I reckon. All material, though, for another short story, that's what I reckon.

    And a short story about binary numbers? I would expect nothing less of you, my friend. Good luck with it, mate, and all your submissions.