Friday, 29 October 2010

The Novella

Been having a chat this morning with my mate, Nick.  Got onto the subject of the novella.  Now, I've never considered writing one, not even sure of the stipulations, but these guys - Pulp Press - make me think it's worth a closer look.

Anyone out there got any experience of writing a novella?  I imagine, like Flash, Short Stories, Novels, the Novella is an art unto itself, with a particular way of going about it.  I mean, a whole story in 23,000, that's quite an ask.  My mathematical ability, which frequently lets me down, works that out at about seventy-five pages.

So, the Novella? Any thoughts?  Any tips?


  1. My thought, Ian, is that you should write one. I'm sure that Pulp Press would be interested.
    I've thought about it too. For some reason it's an odd number to work with. Far too much for a short story obviously and far too little for a novel. I guess like all these things, you have to feel your way through. I do know that you can make it work, though - the stories of yours that i've come across leave me wanting more, so it makes sense (doesn't it?)

  2. Thanks for the nod, Nigel. Much appreciated, mate. When I had the idea of collating all my stories together, it was because of the common thread of a single town running all the way through the stories. I suppose it wouldn't take much to build something more substantial, flesh out the stories a bit. A dozen short stories, with some mortar between the bricks, might just do the job.

    Mmm . . . now you've got me thinking . . .

    Mind you, there's a couple of the stories I reckon could make the 23,000 on their own.

    Time to have a closer look :)

  3. Well, the story I sent for you to have a look at is bombing along nicely toward a novella length so I reckon it's doable. I love the Pulp Press books.

  4. Paul, that is fantastic news, mate. I was only saying today to Nick I was hoping you was still running with it. Can't wait to read it, mate. Feels like the logical next step. And it's bound to be a blinder.