Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nick Quantrill

A great feature in the local paper about 'Broken Dreams' author, Nick Quantrill.

Have a read here


  1. Thanks for link Ian.

    I really need to get hold of a copy of NQ’s Broken Dreams – it sounds like it will be right up my street. Nick comes across as a nice down to earth bloke and I wish him nothing but success with all his writing projects – he has left a few really supportive comments on my little old blog, which I’m very grateful for.


  2. Nick's a blinding bloke. Down to earth, Alan, as you say, and really encouraging. 'Broken Dreams' is great. I was never one for crime fiction, until I read it, thinking the genre to be full of clever pathologists and cynical detective inspectors. 'Broken Dreams' showed me a different way. Brilliant.