Monday, 25 October 2010


Not the classic from X-ray Spex.  What I'm talking about here is your writing idetntity.  Whilst talking to a writing friend of mine today, it occurred to me the person I am in general, everyday, life is very different from the writer of the stories I churn out.  That is not to say my writing identity, lets call him Arthur Chuckles for convenience sake, he hides.  he evades, he lurks.  In the darkness if my own shadows, he overhears every conversation, has a view on every thing I see, every person I meet.  He observes and he takes notes.  On the outside, I'm smiling, passive, humourous me.  But Arthur Chuckles, no-one sees Arthur Chuckles except through the words that I write. 

I have another identity.  A more distant, articulate, character than Arthur.  Let's call him Julian.  He is a well-spoken, philospophical sort.  An observer through a different lens.

So what about you?  How does your writing identity interact wtih your everyday identity?  Are they completely separate, or as the incontinence nurse said to the patient, is there any leakage?

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