Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dreaming Out Loud - Ezines

With the release of Beat to A Pulp's Round One compilation, I believe David Cranmer and the guys have broken new ground.

Since falling into this online world of crime/noir a few months ago, I've been stuuned at the quality of the writing on ezines such as BTAP, Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, A Twist of Noir, Yellow Mama, Powder Burn Flash, Plots with Guns, etc.  but I'm left wondering how these sites will evolve.  When will they take the next step?  And how will they do it?    

Out of the Gutter are in print, and over this side of the pond, Byker Books have their quarterly Radgepacket collections.  And now Beat to a Pulp.

My personal opinion, is following BTAP's lead into print is the way to go - eventually.  Perhaps testing the market with pdf download compilations - Smashwords, and the like - might be a necessary interim step.

I, for one, would jump at the opportunity to hold a printed compilation of my favourite ezines in my hands.  Have them laying about the place. Reading them on the bus or the train or just sitting with my feet up and a cup of coffee.

Am I underestimating the commitment involved in such a venture?  Quite possibly.

Could be me just dreaming out loud, but wouldn't it be great.

And just think of those covers . . .


  1. I agree. Crimefactory is now in print too, which is great!

    Christopher Grant at ATON & Aldo at Powderburnflash have talked about anthos,too. And there is also Needle, remember.

  2. Blimey, Paul. Crime Factory and Needle. Completely forgot about those. Not enough coffee. I suppose what BTAP have done is taken the best of their online stories and put them into a printed compilation, whereas the others are printed as single issues. Another thing, Paul, is where is the short story writer to go from here? The quality of writing from the regular short story contributors to these sites is too good to leave them isolated in their own corner of the net. The pulp/crime/noir short story, and the writers and publishers of the ezines themselves, deserve more than that. Rant over :)

    Time for a coffee . . .

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Ian. But all credit should go to Todd Robinson of THUGLIT and Anthony Neil Smith of PLOTS WITH GUNS.

  4. Unfortunately, Thuglit was a little before my time, David, though I have heard nothing but great things about it. And Todd Robinson's definition of noir in his Sea Minor interview a few weeks back is the best I have ever read. Thuglit and Todd so obviously deserve the legendary status they have attained.

    And, of course, PWG is proper top notch. I popped over to Anthony Neil Smith's blog today, and see he's got a guest editor gig in Smokelong Quarterly. Oh, how much fun that will be :) Little do they know, eh . . .

    Now with BTAP, Needle, Crime Factory, and Out of the Gutter in print, the future is looking rosy indeed.

    I suppose, when I wrote the post this morning, I was just thinking of the plethora of great onlinestories that get so little 'airtime' as it were. Once there allotted time is up, they disappear into archive and are rarely seen again. What you have done with BTAP, David is to resurrect the best. Give them new life. And, for me, for both writers and editors, that surely is what we all want. The promulgation of quality crime/noir fiction.