Monday, 4 October 2010

Do Some Damage

Over at Do Some Damage, Steve Weddle takes a look at the phenomenon that is Writer's Block.  I agree with Steve, and believe it to be a genuine occurence.  My way of dealing with the thing is to allow it to happen.  Don't fight it.  Ride it out.  I do this by writing whatever words come into my head.  Absolute nonsense, mostly.  When I look through the gibberish the following day, I always find something.  Might be a sentence, a phrase, even just a word, that helps propel me forward.  And that's why this method helps me.  In the mere act of continuing to write, with every stroke of the pen or tap of a key, you are kicking the legs out from under this big blocky writing thing that wants to smash your head into the monitor and tear what you've spent hours, weeks, months, working on into tiny pieces.

Read Steve's take on the writing blocky thing here

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