Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Do Some Damage

Over at Do Some Damage, Jay Stringer continues to look at the Workspace theme. 

Have a read here

A lot of what Jay says stuck a chord with me.  When I wrote the book, mostly it was in my head and I'd rush home to jot it down as quickly as I could.  I took a pen and a notebook on trains, buses, wating inline at the Supermarket, to the school playground whilst waiting for my kids to come out.  I would even come up with whole sections of dialogue speaking all parts aloud whilst walking the littl'un in the pushchair round the park.

I started my English Lit, course the other night.  We spoke about time management.  The bloke sitting next to me said he'd have no problem as he had his own study and a personal library. 

'I'll probably die in my library,' he said.  'They won't find me for months.'

A part of my smiled, wondering if I could get away with it . . .


  1. 'I'll probably die in my library,' he said…. That made me laugh out loud Ian – bet it had you thinking up ways of polishing him off in a story.

    Out of interest what course are you studying? It would be good to hear how you find it and get on, maybe via a few blog posts?


  2. Hi Alan.

    A short story did come to mind, though I won't tell him that.

    I'm doing the English Lit Open University degree. This first year is the foundation course, so not strictly English Lit. History, philosophy, art. But Dr. Faustus is in there somewhere, so I'm looking forward to that.

    Just finished the first half of the first assignment. As it will be a big part of things for a while, an update every now and then might well be in order :)

  3. Sounds impressive Ian and no doubt will be a lot of hard graft for you. Wishing you all the best with it and looking forward to hearing how you get on.


  4. Cheers, Alan. Much appreciated. Got a few words to write about Cezanne in the next half of the essay. Will be learning more than I bargained for, I fear. But piling up plenty of material to keep knocking out the short stories, hopefully :)