Friday, 29 October 2010

Benjamin Whitmer

Over at Hardboiled Wonderland, Jedidiah Ayres takes a look at Benjamin Whitmer's debut novel 'Pike'.

Looks like a cracker.

See what Jed makes of it here


  1. Ian - we Ayres/Ayris have to stick together. Thanks for the nods

  2. Hi Jed. Having looked at our family tree over the last four hundred years, there's a load of Ayres, Aris, Arris, and Ariss. The two main branches seem to be based in Oxfordshire and East London. The Ayris variation only appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. And every one of them illiterate farm labourers or servants. A couple of council roadmen and a few in the workhouse. A lineage to be proud of. And a million short stories in there just waiting to be written . . .