Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Crime/Noir Library

The new library wotsit is up and running.  Each entry is alphabatised, and has a link to the relevant Amazon page.

Here it is.

What I've done is thought about what it would be like if I lived in a place big enough to have a proper library - you know - floor to ceiling shelves and a ladder on runners and a Scooby Doo bookcase leading to a secret reading room where I could hide away for ever and ever and ever.  So the virtual library on the blog is filled with those books - mostly recommendations from all you good people, plus a few of my own.

And written any yourselves?  Let me know, and I'll stick them in.

Hope you all find it a useful resource.  I know I will :)



  1. Here's a few to dream on, mate.

  2. Don't forget the Blue Ant Trilogy by William Gibson. It's a MUST. The Cyberpunk creator (aw right CoCreator)gets down in today's world, Book one starts a few days after Nine Eleven and the series ends Last Tuesday(Gibson'd own words). One of the best series I've read.
    The Blue Ant/Bigend Trilogy:
    Pattern Recognition

    Posted by AJ Hayes
    Spook Country
    Zero History

  3. Not heard of Gibson, AJ, but it will go in on your sterling recommendation. Cheers, mate :)

  4. And those photos. Blimey. Make me want to weep they do. Bloody weep.