Monday, 20 September 2010

Moral goings on at 'Do Some Damage'

Needle guru, Steve Weddle, tackles the issue of morality.  Thought provoking stuff.  He asks the question,

'Do we feel better better about a character when she[/he] is doing the right thing?'

I pretty much come down with a heavy thud on the side of the argument that stipulates the character do the real thing.  Whatever that is. 

But that's just me.


  1. I like lots of conflict in my characters. My series western character, Cash Laramie, is about ready to ride in the dark shadows for a bit.

  2. Right is not always correct but real is never wrong. It just is. I'd kerplunk down on the "Keep it real" side.

  3. Hi David. Hi AJ. 'ride in the dark shadow' - love that, David. And as for conflict in character, if as writers we are looking to portray truth, then it can be no other way. Took me a while to learn it is not what a character does that necessarily makes him/her interesting, it is who he/she is. Down to the core. Dark places and all.

    And AJ. You know I'm with you one hundred per cent on that one :)