Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Interesting goings on at 'A Twist of Noir'

A twist at the Twist.  Approaching six hundred stories on the site, head honcho, Christopher Grant, has decided to try something a little different.  Stories 600 - 700 will be restricted in word count by the publishing order of the story.  E,.g, story 605 will have 605 words, 621, 621 words, etc.  I've been pencilled in for stories 650 and 697.

Better get cracking.  Got a couple of ideas.  One involving a full on Sunday roast, and another about a dwarf prostitute called Tina. 

Should be fun.

Find out more about the latest goings on at A Twist of Noir here


  1. There should definitely be more stories featuring dwarf prostitutes mate!

  2. Well, there'll be at least one. Hopefully. I know Dickens bemoaned the lack of dwarf prostitute stories in his day. Did sod all about it himself, though. Which says everything about the man.