Saturday, 25 September 2010

ATON 600-700 Challenge

With the help of Christopher at A Twist of Noir, my story 'Sundays' has finally been knocked into shape and will take its place at number 650 on the list.  I should have suspected the mere counting of words would have been far beyond my mathematical abilities.


  1. Oh yeah? Well that's not fair. Mine is only 645 words. How come he gave you five more words. You know what I could do with five more words, DO YOU?
    For me half the fun is hitting the word count exactly (without including the title or byline) and keeping the story exactly the way you wanted it within that word count. It didn't stress me a bit. Of course I now twitch uncontrollably and whimper in my sleep.
    Cheers, buddy
    AJ (posting as "anonymous" because word press is being a butthead)

  2. Ah, but AJ, surely it's the twitching and the whimpering that keeps us going. The need to write. The bloody need that drives us mad and gives us the world all at the same time.

    And the five more words? I just asked nicely :)

    Speak to you soon, mate.