Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A new feature

I've been having a bit of a think.  I'm thinking of having a new thing on the blog, something like a featured author showcase thing.  This could be a regular or an occasional feature, depending on the uptake.  Basically, I would be asking for something like a three or four line bio plus links to published stories/books to a maximum of, say, ten.  The plan is to post the author showcase thingy on say, a Thursday, and when I get work out how to get more than four pages on the blog at a time without the bloody thing deleting stuff, I'll archive each author under something original like 'Recommended Authors'.

I've had such a welcome into this wonderful world of noir, I suppose I just want to help out where I can.  Give a bit back, you know.  Getting all soppy now.  Think I need a coffee.

If anyone's interested, just reply to this thread or drop me a line at ianayris@hotmail.co.uk

That goes for anyone who has got anything coming up - promos, signings, stories, anything.



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  1. Sorry. Put the email add down wrong. I've changed it now. Bloody thing :)