Thursday, 30 September 2010

60 Word Stories

I've dug up a load of sixty word stories I wrote a while back.  Think I might post one a week, make it another sort of feature thing.  Perhaps on a Thursday.  Today, perhaps.

Maybe now.

Here goes.

A swirling in the dark. A maelstrom of memory and fear.

He tells her he loves her, that he's always loved her. There are no tears in her eyes when he say these words, just . . . exasperation.

'Goodbye John,' she says, with the gentleness of a child.  

His fate sealed, all hope extinguished, he succumbs to the riptide.


  1. Nice and dramatic.

    Blink Ink is a good site for 50 word stories though they haven't put anything up for ages.

  2. Cheers, Paul. I'll check them out. I've got about twenty of these blighters, ranging from allotment serial killers to self-combusting ne're-do-wells.

  3. Very cool. And sad. And the hits just keep a'comin'.