Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Beginning

Thanks so much to everyone who requested I set up this blog.  Hope you find in it what you wish.  Having had half a dozen short stories published in the last few weeks, I thought it was high time I pulled my finger out and jumped head first into the blogosphere. 

So here I am.

I'll mainly be using the blog to update news of my publications and those of my friends and fellow writing adventurers.

I'll be padding the site out as I go, with stuff I've already forgotten.  Bear with me for a while, and I'll be very grateful.

Warmest regards,



  1. Good to see you over here. I'm looking forward to the story links in case I missed anything!

  2. Thank you Ddraig and Paul. I'll do my best to post things of interest and make sure all the links are up to date. Might take me a while to get the whole place looking spick and span, photos and pictures, and that. But I'll give it a go :)